Thursday, November 14, 2013

BHS 9th Graders Voice on Misconceptions About Islam

"After a multi-week unit on the history of the rise of Islam, which included connections to issues for Muslims in modern America, small groups of 9th graders took on the challenge of creating a video that demonstrated their learning. The goal of the video was twofold: First, students were asked to reveal several misunderstandings about the Muslim religion, and to debunk them. Second, they were asked to teach about some aspects of Islam that might help "average people" understand more about the religion. 
Students had learned that there exists real dissonance between what is true about Islam and how Islam is often perceived and portrayed.  As the project description reads, "Your job is to slay that dissonance with knowledge and understanding." By giving students an opportunity to set the record straight, the project had immediate purpose and gravity, and the results were impressive." 
Dov Stucker, Social Studies

Here's a link to the original project description.