Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Attention 9th Graders: Enable App Store

Follow these steps CAREFULLY to remove the restricted profile and enable the App Store, and then create an Apple ID without registering a credit card (for free apps only).

1. Remove the 9th Grade restricted profile that disables the App Store from the ipad. Going Green.

On the iPad, go to

Scroll to Profiles

Restricted profile removal password:

If this password does not work, please have the student visit the IT Office in the Library.

Removing the profile successfully makes the App Store icon visible.

2. Settings
Scroll to iTunes & App Store on the left side

The Apple ID is listed in the right panel.

Sign out anyone who is signed in under Settings, iTunes & App Store.

3. There is a special procedure to sign into the App Store without a credit card: (so you can download apps)

If you have an Apple ID you already use, use that one. 

If you need to setup a new one, it will take some patience to go through these steps. Follow these directions carefully from this link below:

4. Enable "Find my iPad" (so you can locate iPad if lost or stolen)
Video Directions
 Verify it is on

5. To upgrade School App (apps issued with the iPad... iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, etc) please have the students visit the Tech Support Office (in the Library).