Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What Apps Should I Use?

It's a tough question! 

There are some models out there to help you stir up some creative ideas. Here's one called the SAMR model:

4. Redefinition: Tech allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable.

3. Modification: Tech allows for significant task redesign. Bring multiple news feeds to you in one place, record your voice and create text, etc.

2. Augmentation: Tech acts as a substitute, and adds some improvements.

1. Substitution: Moving paper to a digital format. An eBook, looking things up in a dictionary, etc.

Here's a visual and some app references for each category.

Start with an idea or task you have... apply it to step one, and move the idea up each step through step 4, redefinition. How could some of these apps help, or change how you might approach your idea?

(One noticeable omission... GarageBand! A tier 4 app)

Never know until you try.

Stay creative. Stay agile. Have fun!