Tuesday, April 29, 2014

'Tech Tuesday' App and Idea Explorations

Taking new approaches and trying new things helps develop new ideas.

Our 'Tech Tuesday' series on the BHS library balcony is designed to help offer some brief introductions to some new apps and explore ways to use them creatively.

This Tuesday we looked at the app called 'Explain Everything.'

Reviewing material visually with narration can introduce some new ideas into teaching.

There's a pitfall though in traditional lines of thinking. It's easy for teachers to feel like they have to be 'the expert' or feel like they have to 'make' all this new material themselves.

Of course... there's teacher use, and then there's student use.

How can students create in your class using an app like Explain Everything?

Demonstration of learning for assesment?

Using it to pose questions of their own design to peers about:
  • What they do or do not understand?
  • Creating their own problems for peers to solve?
  • Asking / addressing larger philosophical questions?

Visual design, storytelling, narration skill development (diction, clarity, pacing) can all be valuable skill development challenges to embed into your goals.

Thinking creatively, differently and exploring the opportunity with students to do the same...

that's often when great learning happens. Start with simple, small explorations and build from there.

Look for more 'Tech Tuesday' notices coming up or schedule an appointment with a member of the TIS team to help you explore ideas.