Thursday, May 29, 2014

Important Information for June 10th iPad Collection

All 9th and 10th graders must report to the gym after YES presentations on June 10th to turn in their iPads for upgrades.

You need to complete 2 very important items before turning in your iPad:

1. Complete the 2014 BHS Summer iPad Agreement' form.

Many students have completed this already so don't delay!

2. Complete the mandatory checklist.

If you have need help with either of these steps, here are some FAQs to help:

Q: Where can I get the '2014 BHS Summer iPad Use Agreement' form?

A: The form can be picked up at the Student Affairs office at BHS. Please note: This form requires a parent / guardian signature and cannot be completed on June 10th!

The form explains two options: How to pickup your iPad after the upgrades to take home this Summer, or leave your iPad at school until you return for the Fall semester.

Many students have completed this step already so don't delay!

Q: Where can I find the mandatory checklist?

A: See the post below called Spring 2014 iPad Checklist! for directions. Please follow them very carefully!

Q: What if I need help completing the checklist?

A: Stop in the IT Office in the BHS Library prior to June 10th if you need assistance.

Q: Are BSD email accounts mandatory for school next year?

A: Yes! All students will need to use their BSD email accounts for iCloud next year. Please plan in advance or it could result in significant delays for you to get your iPad in the Fall when you return to school. 

See the post called BSDVT eMail Addresses Required for Apple IDs in Fall 2014.