Monday, December 8, 2014

It's 'Hour of Code' Week!

It's 'Hour of Code' week!

60 million people worldwide have dove in (as of 12/9 at 3pm)!

Trying new things can fire up your brain! Pull up a chair, or sit on the floor, and try something new!

Warning: You might actually have fun!  ; )

Start here at the Hour of Code website.

Dive in, or contact TIS (Vitaliy and Adam) if you'd like more information.

It's a great time to start!


iPad Resources to get started?


Open the App Store on the iPad, look at the top 'Featured' section, and select 'Hour of Code' to see many featured apps, free and paid.

Here are a few to try (links below, or type the name of the app in the App Store on the iPad):

CargoBot: Sequencing game made by using the app called Codea (Codea is $9.99, but pretty powerful for an iPad sim)

Code Academy (Code Hour)

Younger, but still fun:

HopScotch: Games made by kids as part of the 'Hour of Code' project.

Scratch Jr (from MIT)

Go further:

Java Tutorial from Udemy (free lecture and video series)

Try searching the App Store for 'Programming' and try something out!