Multiple Devices

BHS is a multi-device school!

The HP Chromebook is our primary 1-1 student device in 2015 for students in grades 9-11.

Seniors (grade 12) will be using iPads in 2015.

Finding what you need at BHS!

Finding the right tool for the right job is the key! We have new iPads, digital cameras, and fully functional laptops and desktops available for you to explore your creativity. Many departments have devices available for sign out and they are also available in the BHS Library / Media Center.

BHS is using Google Apps!

iPads with Pre-Loaded Apps

Here's a list of the apps that have been added to all student iPads at BHS.

Here's a list of apps that are free that have tested and also recommend.

Need something for a project that is not loaded? Your teacher can work with the IT Department to get you what you need.

Canvas LMS Resources

We'll be working with the Canvas LMS in many classes at BHS in 2015 and full implementation is scheduled for the Fall of 2016. Here are some great resources to learn more. for students and teachers to learn more.

A wide variety of Laptops, Desktops and Computer Applications (Mac or PC) are available for use

Adobe Photoshop: Photoshop, Illustrator, DreamWeaver, Flash, In-Design

SketchUp: 3D Architectural Drawing Program
Nero: CD burning authoring program (PC)
iMovie, Final Cut Pro (Mac)
MicroWorlds EX
Linux (another robust computer operating system)

Programmable Boards and Machine to Computer Interface
LilyPad Arduino
Raspberry Pi

Groups! Get involved in something brewing or startup something for people to join!
Coder Dojo