In 2015 BHS started using the Canvas LMS (Learning Management System).

Here are some Canvas resources that will help!

The Canvas website for BHS and BTC is:

Login name is your full BSD email address.

Best to bookmark this site in your browser for easy access in the future.

Training Guides?
All the canvas guides are listed here including getting started guides and detailed guides.

Does Canvas have an iPad / Android App?


Visit your app store and search for 'Canvas by Instructure'

Resetting Passwords
Basically, head to and hit the ‘Don’t know your password?’ link in the login window. Type in your Canvas user name (full BSD email address) and you will receive an email and link within for a password change.

Reset Your Canvas PW!.jpg

Guides to Learn Canvas!

Canvas Student Guide: What is this? How do I use it? It's all here!

Full Guides: Getting started, guides for students, instructors, mobile devices:

Many people have their own preference. Give them both a try!

Updating your profile in Canvas: Adding your picture, bio, etc.

Here’s a guide to update your profile!

Parent Accounts!

Great news!

Canvas parent accounts are very easy to setup... and parents can do it themselves with the help of their child.

Parents go to:

(same address as your student)

and click on 'Click Here For and Account'

At the next screen, just fill out the fields required, and check that they agree to the terms, and click the 'Start Participating' button.

Once you fill in the information requested and click 'Start Participating' you will receive an email with directions.

NOTE: Parents with multiple kids in the system will need to complete this process for each child. Once they've done so, they will see all their children in their account.

Once the parent / guardian has logged into Canvas, via the Settings menu on the left of their screen, parents can set their own communications preferences.

To login, parents go to the same address as their kids:

Parents can change their own passwords (if they remember their email address by going to that same main login screen and selecting 'Don't know your password?'

Parent associations with kids can be separated in Canvas if problems arise ( divorce, legal issues, etc) easily.

​That's it!