Chromebook Introductions and Training Resources
I can't print!

Chromebooks are not setup to print at BHS! We are asking students to use Google Docs and collaborative online tools to do this work.

Don't worry, paper is still available, and you can still print from desktop computers around the school at any time.

Some keyboard tricks

On your Chromebook, hit CTRL-ALT-?
This pulls up a keyboard cheat sheet for commonly used shortcuts.
Pressing the CTRL or ALT keys once this window is up shows you different shortcuts. Hit ESC when you're done to put this keyboard layer away.

Open the Chrome Web Browser and then hit CTRL-?
This opens up a tutorial center with many more tricks and tips.

How do I right click?! Here's how:
ALT-then click the trackpad
All normal right click functions 

I can't run JAVA based apps on my Chromebook!
Chromebooks don't run JAVA at this time.

PowerSchool Gradebook (for teachers) requires JAVA and we have a fix for this for teachers at BHS. If you're a teacher and want to run Gradebook on a Chromebook, contact the IT Department to get setup.

Can I install my own apps on the Chromebook?

You can install your own apps and extensions. Be wary though, multiple installs can slow the Chromebook down!

Can I decorate my iPad or Chromebook case?
Yes! We just ask that it's educationally and socially appropriate. We also ask that you put your name on the case for easy identification. Please leave the BHS sticker with your iPad number visible.

I lost my Chromebook! What do I do?
Here are the steps you'll need to report this immediately!