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The information on this page can help you answer questions and / or get technical support.

The IT Department Help Desk and IT Office is located in the BHS Library on the left side.

Office hours: 8am-4pm, Monday - Friday.
Help Desk Phone Number: 802-864-8437

You can also submit a request (ticket) for service online. This link is available on the BHS home page on the top right (Tech Request) or by clicking here.

Common Problems

I'm a new student, how do I get my iPad or Chromebook?

Lost password! 
Visit the IT Department Help Desk in the BHS Library, or call the Help Desk.

How can I learn Canvas? Where are the Canvas LMS Resources?
We'll be working with the Canvas LMS in many classes at BHS in 2015 and full implementation is scheduled for the Fall of 2016. Here are some great resources to learn more. for students and teachers to learn more.

Damaged, Lost or Stolen iPad or Chromebook?
How to report any damage, loss, or theft! Contact BSD Tech Support immediately!

My iPad / Chromebook keeps crashing. What do I do?
Here are three tips that will help with reliability.
1. Update iOS to the latest version. Settings, General, Software Update.
2. Update your apps! Many app crashes are related to running outdated versions.
3. Close some apps and restart the device. When in doubt, close an app when it's not in use.   

Apple / iCloud IDs?
Beginning in the Fall 2014 all students using iPads in our 1-1 program must use their BSDVT email account as their primary Apple and iCloud ID. Here are some directions to do so... follow them carefully!

iPad, Chromebook, or Laptop not functioning correctly? 

If you are missing apps, can't get on wi-fi, or having usage problems contact iHelp (during all school lunch blocks in the cafeteria or Library), or visit the IT Department Help Desk.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that may help also

Here are some additional resources to help:

iPad and Chromebook Care
Cleaning, charging, updating, and keeping it safe!

BHS Calendar of Events on your iPad
Add the BHS calendar to your iPad in just a few easy steps

Need some training or looking for some creative ideas? We've got resources to help you move forward.