Here are some resources to help with iPad questions at BHS

Each Senior at BHS has an iPad in 2015. Other iPads are available in department carts and also via the BHS Library Media Center.

Learn more about the iPad and the apps?

  • iPad Basics (picture based tutorials and TONS of other iPad tutorials from About.com)
  • Apple iOS app support (iBooks, iTunesU, Podcasts, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, GarageBand, iMovie, iPhoto, etc)

Do I have to use the case that came with the iPad?

Yes! We are currently looking at adding other case options that include keyboards.

Apple / iCloud IDs?

Beginning in the Fall 2014 all students using iPads in our 1-1 program must use their BSDVT email account as their primary Apple and iCloud ID. Here are some directions to do so... follow them carefully!

Will I lose the iPad apps I install?
Apps you purchase and install on the iPad using your Apple ID travels with your Apple ID. 

The Otterbox case issued with the iPad is designed to protect it during use and travel. You can purchase another case. We recommend the case protects your iPad sufficiently. Unused cases should be returned to the IT Office in the BHS Library.

I lost my iPad! What do I do?
Here are the steps you'll need to report this immediately!