Dive Into Creativity!

The tools of professional movie makers, musicians, artists, photographers, engineers, architects, programmers, and inventors are at our fingertips!

It's not about what you know now... it's about how you can build your skills and your ideas.

Turn a book report into a short movie or an audio spot. Learn programming and build an app or a robot. Write collaboratively with others. Make a movie that sends a message, tells a story, solves a problem, or changes lives. Build something new!

You have the chance to build your skills and proficiency with each device to accomplish your goals and explore new horizons.

It's an open book... you just have to start writing your chapter. We have incredible resources, mentors, and connections to professionals in the world available to help you.

Digital Citizenship
"Digital Citizenship can be introduced but can’t be achieved in a ‘one and done’ discussion format."

Here are four areas we begin discussions with students to understand and manage digital lives.
1. Creating strong passwords 
2. Online Citizenship Guidelines: What are the basics?
3. Staying Safe Online 
4. Bullying and Cyberbullying

BHS has an Acceptable Use Policy! 
It's important for all students and adults to read this document.


Curious about how to use technology in your work to substitute, augment, modify, and redefine what you do? The model can help you think creatively about what might be possible.

Check out the SAMR model to inspire some ideas.

Peer Instruction, Project Based Learning (PBL), and Student Centered Learning

Shifting learning in a classroom toward a student centered model does not require technology. Technology does enhance the natural capacity to learn together in classrooms and on your own, and introduces incredible creative potential. Here are some great resources to help open up discussions on classroom flow.

Tips for Crafting Presentations (and videos)

Courses are becoming more interdisciplinary. Elements of writing, history, collaboration, and design are being explored as core elements in many subjects.