Online Citizenship Guidelines

Treat people online as if you are in person. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

• Be respectful, polite, and considerate to anyone you meet. Don’t use anonymity to abuse your power online.

• Think before you post. Protect your reputation.

• Don’t be a bully. Don’t attack or disrespect anyone by swearing, insulting, harassing, or calling names. Do not write or respond to personal insults because it can give you a bad reputation.

• Learn the rules of different communities online and follow them.

Tips and Tricks

• Avoid using all capital letters. IT LOOKS LIKE SHOUTING and is difficult to read.

• E-mail: be cautious when choosing “Reply to All.” (This button enables you to reply to everyone included in the email and not simply to the “sender”.)

• E-mail: Don’t use CC (Carbon Copy) to copy your message to everyone, just to those who really need it. (Usually used when the message is not sent directly to the individual, but the sender would like them to view the message.)

• Don’t spam.

Community Guidelines for YouTube

• Keep it clean. YouTube is not a place for sexually explicit content.

• Don't post shocking, dangerous or violent content.

• Don't engage in bullying or threatening behavior on YouTube.

• Don't post hateful comments or videos.

• Don't be a spammer!

• Do respect other people's opinions.

• If you repeatedly violate the guidelines, your account may be suspended. Be a good citizen.


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