Staying Safe Online: 3 Parts

Learning the basics is key. Then keep learning!

from Google Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacy Curriculum

Part 1

• Don’t post personal information (name, age, school, address, phone number).

• Make sure you check your safety settings.

• Keep passwords private.

• Pick a password no one else is likely to guess.

• Think before you post or share information.

Staying Safe Online: Part 2

1. Be respectful to yourself and others. If you encounter a bully, block and tell a trusted adult.

2. Respect yourself.

3. Don’t put up with bullies. Ignore or block people who harass you.

4. Don’t be a bully. You can be blocked or banned.

5. If something happens online that makes you uncomfortable, tell a trusted adult.

Staying Safe Online: Part 3

1. Be “Street Smart.” Be cautious with new people you meet online.

2. Use your common sense when you go exploring.

3. Be skeptical of new people you meet online, even if they seem nice.

4. Don’t talk or share personal information with strangers.

5. If you decide to meet someone you only know from online:

a. Tell an adult where you are going
b. Bring friends with you.
c. Meet in a public space.

6. Be mindful about how you represent yourself online.


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